Why Brad Maddox Was Released, Orton Needs Neck Surgery, JR Wants To Call ROH?

Brad Maddox fired

Brad Maddox Fired After Unscripted Promo

Word is that the reason Brad Maddox was released from WWE yesterday is because he went in to business for himself at Tuesday’s tapings. Live reports reveal that he called the Indianapolis Colts “cocky pricks” on the mic, while headed to the ring for his match with R-Truth. Not only was this unscripted but also “not PG” and it was enough to get him fired. Of course it’s no secret that WWE haven’t really done anything with him recently, so it may have been the “any excuse to get rid” effect.

Randy Orton Also Needs Neck Surgery

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Randy Orton, who is currently our rehabbing after shoulder surgery, has now decided to fix a nagging neck injury with surgery as well. Although it’s considered a minor procedure, this is expected to push his return back past Wrestlemania.

JR Wants To Call ROH/NJPW Show

Jim Ross has made it known that he wants to call ROH’s Las Vegas PPV in February, which will have several NJPW talent on the card. He wrote on his blog:

Hey, if Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino need a ‘third wheel’ in Las Vegas at the announce desk for the February ROH-NJPW PPV, I’d make myself readily available. Just throwing it out there as that should be a helluva wrestling event.

JR of course called last year’s NJPW Wrestle Kingdom for the GFW promoted version, for western audiences.