Booker T Says Ellsworth Undeserving, Edge’s Cutting Edge Guest, Royal Rumble 4 Plus Hours

Booker T James Ellsworth

Booker T Tired of James Ellsworth

Despite his mostly positive crowd reaction Booker T is tired of James Ellsworth and feels he is undeserving of his prominent spot on SmackDown.

“I’m tired of seeing James Ellsworth. This kid had one hell of a run, but send him back to the independents,” said the WWE Hall of Famer on his podcast.

I’ve seen this guy at a convention, I was appalled, but this guy is going to live this run for quite some time. He’s probably getting a good price out there on the Indy show. They’re probably bringing him in as an attraction, but the thing of it is, me personally I’m not a hater, but you must ride it for as long as you can. Look at Hornswoggle, he worked with WWE for 6-7 years, you can’t hate people like that, but you wonder how James Ellsworth fit into the WWE mold? It just makes you wonder. There are people in my Reality of Wrestling just scratching at the door, so when I see Ellsworth, there’s just gotta be a way, but you have to wait your turn, but it’s definitely getting a little old.

Shane McMahon On Cutting Edge

WWE have announced that Shane McMahon will be the guest on Edge’s Cutting Edge segment, on next week’s 900th episode of SmackDown.

Another PPV Extended

WWE continues to extend PPV lengths, with January’s Royal Rumble now set to be over 4 hours long. The show will start at 7pm eastern on the WWE Network following the Kickoff show at 6pm eastern.