Black Friday: WWE Fire 8 Stars

Damien Sandow released

WWE have released 8 performers from their contracts today, in a move that has been labelled black friday. The firings came out of the blue but were not surprising, as the company haven’t ‘cleaned house’ in an unusually long time.

The Confirmed departures are: Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Alex Riley, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Cameron, Zeb Colter, and Santino.

The most high profile name out of the bunch is undoubtedly Barrett, but the Brit native had already let slip that he was planning to leave anyway. Damien Sandow on the other hand had been vocal on social media about wanting another opportunity.

For whatever reason Alex Riley’s return to the ring in NXT after a stint as a commentator has not been deemed a success, and although he too attempted to use social media to garner support, it has evidently fallen on deaf ears.

El Torito was always in a difficult spot as a ‘mini’ wrestler, especially when he was brought in to be comic relief with the Los Matadores team. Since Primo and Epico are getting repackaged, Torito had no leverage. Hornswoggle is no surprise as he’s been there forever and Cameron was neither a standout on Total Divas or in the ring.

It’s a shame that a talent like Zeb Colter is gone when the roster is in such desperate need of a competent mouthpiece, but it may have something to do with health and age.

As for Santino, didn’t he already retire?