Big E Dislikes Move Name, Wyatt Shoots On Creative, AJ Styles On Facing Reigns

Booty To Belly

Big E. Dislikes Booty-to-Belly

Despite the announcers and social media staff calling his move the “Booty-to-Belly” suplex, he doesn’t seem to be on board with the idea:

Bray Wyatt On Being Mishandled

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts Bray Wyatt agreed that creative have mishandled the faction:

I don’t think, when we set out and finally got the call up, I don’t know if [WWE] really understood what they had. Like, we knew the NXT crowd had responded so well to us and they kind of like attached themselves to us and when we came up here [to WWE’s main roster], we, never in a million years, thought it was going to explode the way it did. And it did. It exploded. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it was just that kind of thing, the right place at the right time. And we were so different, man. We were so different that I don’t think the company knew even how to use us. ‘What are these things?’ Like, we were so different and in the promos [and] so different in the way we looked and how we moved. We were big and we would fly and do all this crazy stuff. Like, I don’t think anyone expected us to be so complete. And they still don’t know how to use what we are.

In the beginning, where all of this came from, is when I thrown away like a piece of trash, like, years and years ago. I’m sure you can figure out what I’m talking about. I was thrown away like a piece of trash and instead of feeling sorry for myself, which is very like me to do, I would imagine, I got so angry and so frustrated at the world and the end has come to everything around me that, like, that’s where this all came from. And it’s almost like I need, I need these valleys, yeah, because they help me create.

AJ Styles On Rise To The Top

AJ Styles was the latest guest on Michael Cole’s weekly kayfabe interview segment. He once against discussed his whirlwind rise in WWE, as well as his shot against Roman Reigns: