Bellas In Non PG Movie, ECW Legends Tribute Balls, Morrison Explains Reigns Comment

Bella Twins

Bella Twins In Confessions of a Womanizer

The Bella Twins have “non-PG” roles in comedy “Confessions of a Womanizer” whch is set to be released this Fall/Autumn. You can see them briefly in the trailer bellow:

Speaking of Nikki, she now says she’s aiming to return to the ring some time this Summer.

“So as of now I’m hoping to make my comeback in the summer. In June or July is when I’ll get my final CAT Scan on my neck and as long as my bone is fused in my neck that means that I could probably come back and wrestle and I cannot wait. So fingers crossed for me, June or July.”

Meanwhile her injury is being covered on Total Divas:

Balls Theme Played At House of Hardcore

ECW Legends paid tribute to Balls Mahoney by playing his ECW AC/DC theme at House of Hardcore 13. Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Rhino, Blue Meanie, Shane Douglas, Danny Doring and Joel Gertner were all in the ring. You can watch the video at Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Johnny Mundo Was Just Joking

Johnny Mundo (formerly Morrison in WWE) says he was just joking when he suggested Roman Reigns couldn’t work. He told the Kevin Gill Show:

“I did this interview. And I put him over, like he’s a really nice guy and a buddy of mine. They were like how would you like to wrestle him? And I kind of said off the cuff, a little jokingly and a little seriously I’d love to wrestle him in ten years after he’s learned to work. Did I mean that? I just made the comment to bust his balls a little bit.”