Becky Lynch vs UFC Women’s Champion? Ziggler’s Brother Pleads Guilty, Ryback Shoots On Cena

Cyborg Becky Lynch

UFC’s Cris Cyborg Eyes SummerSlam

She may have only just won the UFC Women’s Featherweight Title – a belt arguably created for her – but the imposing Cris Cyborg has pro wrestling in her sights.

This morning the Brazilian took to Twitter to challenge none other than Becky Lynch to a match at SummerSlam.

The Irish Lasskicker responded right away, accepting the challenge:

From Ronda Rousey to Paige VanZant, WWE have been trying for several years to get a high profile women’s MMA fighter to step in to the squared circle and give the revamped women’s division some hype and legitimacy. It now finally looks like it’s going ahead.

SummerSlam takes place on August 20, from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Donald Nemeth Guilty In Murder Case

Donald Nemeth has plead guilty in a Cleveland murder case, in which a drug deal went south. The younger brother of WWE’s Dolph Ziggler has accepted his role in the involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery and kidnapping, which resulted in the shooting death of Marine Corps veteran Joshua Mascol at a downtown hotel in the city in 2016.

He previously plead not guilty to aggravated murder, murder, and felonious assault. He will be sentenced on August 28th.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors had asked the judge to bar Nemeth’s lawyers from mentioning Dolph Ziggler during the trial, because the relationship was irrelevant to the case and bringing it up would draw jurors’ focus away from the evidence.

Ryback Says Cena Should Use Position For Good

Former WWE Superstar Ryback continued his crusade against WWE and it’s pay structure in his latest podcast. He switched his focus to John Cena, who he says could use his position of power to revolutionize the company and repay those that laid down to make him the promotion’s most bankable performer.

“I really hope he realizes before his time on this Earth is done that, ‘do you know what? I’ve made all this money off of these guys lives and I’ve given them the opportunity, but without them I wouldn’t have everything that I have and I need to make this better before I leave.’ And I really, really think he could cement his legacy more by doing things like that and just doing what’s best for everybody.”

“I feel, and I wish I was even higher than I was when I did what I did because I always wished somebody in Cena’s position would stand up and actually have the balls to do things right. And if you love [pro] wrestling, you say, ‘stand up for the [pro] wrestlers.’ But he hasn’t and he never will because it’s all about the money.”

As well as changing the long-criticized practice of treating wrestlers as independent contractors instead of employees, Ryback believes there should be a more equal pay structure that recognizes lower card talent for propping up main eventers – who make a lot of their money from merchandise.