Becky’s Eye, Bayley Thanks RAW Fans, Orton Injury Update, Brie’s Retirement

Becky Lynch black eye

Becky’s Bad Eye

As seen on RAW, Becky Lynch received a cut and bruised eye during the Triple Threat match at WrestleMania. She wrote the following on Instagram:

Left it all in the ring… But didn’t leave without this souvenir from the toughest battle of my life with two of the strongest women in the business. 7 stitches, an eye swollen shut, but a heart wide open. No one said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it.

Bayley Thanks Fans For Chant

Bayley thanked fans for chanting “Where’s Bayley” on RAW:

How Orton Was Injured

Randy Orton clarified how he was injured when talking to AfterBuzz at the Hall of Fame:

I had a match October (12) in Chicago. My shoulder got stretched back, and I had a repair 12 years ago that was destroyed. I had a little pain, got an MRI and was told (they) had to fix my shoulder again. I had a new guy do it and had a stabilization done that they do to rugby players get, and they’re some tough customers. I’m not quite ready to be back on the road [but] I still have 5-10 years left, but who knows? I feel like I’m nowhere near done.

He also said Daniel Bryan is Hall of Fame worthy:

He wasn’t with the WWE as long as a lot of these Hall of Famers were, but I feel like what he’s put his body through in the business, I would love to see him cutting a speech and getting inducted. He’s a hell of a guy.

Brie’s Retirement On Total Divas

The reason why Brie Bella hasn’t formally announced her retirement is because it’s going to be a storyline for the next season of Total Divas.