Bayley Talks Steve Blackman, Rowan’s New Mask, Chris Candido Trailer, Natalya On Owen Doc

Steve Blackman WWE

Bayley Name Drops Steve Blackman

Bayley name dropped Steve Blackman when asked about her favorite entrance themes by Kerrang:

Do I have to go in order? No? Steve Blackman, I don’t know why, I just thought it was so cool the way it started out. It doesn’t even have any lyrics, but I just loved it. This is embarrassing because he’s right there (motioning to Michael Hayes, ex-manager of The Hardy Boyz], but The Hardy Boyz. I was just a huge Hardy Boyz fan – and that didn’t have any lyrics, either – but just the guitar in it and everything, it’s just… ahh, it felt so cool. The Rock’s, because right when it’s like, ‘If you smell…’ you just get out of your seat! [Stone Cold Steve] Austin’s, Glass Shatters. I guess it’s how it always starts out, and it’s always unexpected. You don’t know when he’s gonna come out and it just hits and you’re like, ‘Ahh!’ This was never a favorite growing up, but just recently… The Undertaker. I started to really appreciate him. I was like, ‘Man, this song!’ It’s like watching a movie – watching him come down the ramp and watching him get into the ring. Everything he does goes with the entrance song, and he’s had it forever.

Erick Rowan Reveals New Mask

Erick Rowan revealed a new mask in a Tweeted video:

Chris Candido Documentary Trailer

Here is an extended trailer for the upcoming Chris Candido documentary which is being produced by his brother Johnny:

Natalya Watches Owen Hart Film

Natalya Tweeted the following about WWE’s Owen Hart documentary, which was released on Blu-ray and DVD this week: