Balor Talks Undertaker Advice, Sting DVD Trailer, Ice Cube On Cena’s Rapping

Finn Balor Undertaker

Finn Balor Got Advice From Taker

In a recent interview with the Channel Guide Mag Finn Balor revealed that the Undertaker gave him some valuable advice when he got to WWE:

“That would be a dream match for me to see Finn Bálor versus The Undertaker. It really doesn’t need to be explained more than that. I’ve been very fortunate to talk to Undertaker when I first came in here. We talked about entrances. He gave me a lot of advice that helps me to this day. So I’m very grateful for that. Maybe I’d play a couple of mind games with the Deadman. It would be a little bit fun.”

Balor was also on the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast this week and said getting to the main roster is not his focus:

“What we’re doing at NXT right now is groundbreaking. It’s revolutionary. For me, it’s like a Renaissance period in wrestling, and I want to be involved in NXT, I don’t want to go to the quote-unquote main roster, I don’t want to get called up, so to speak, because I believe that we at NXT are building something together that is going to be looked back on in 10 years the same way that we looked back on the ECW period as being revolutionary at that time, and this is something that I want to be involved in.”

He also discussed the possibility of becoming a Paul Heyman guy:

“I’m a big admirer of Paul, and I’ve had a lot of conversations with Paul about what we could do potentially in the future but it’s all hypothetical at the moment. That was some incredible, incredible fan art that I’m very fortunate that people send me all the time and I like to publicize some of their work and that’s literally all that was. A lot of people read into it their own way, and I apologize for that. But who knows, I will be in Brooklyn for NXT Takeover, I believe SummerSlam is in Brooklyn the next night, I believe Raw is in Brooklyn the next night so I’ll be in Brooklyn. Who knows?”

Sting: Into The Light Trailer

The Wrestling DVD Network has uploaded the trailer for WWE’s upcoming Sting: Into The Light DVD and Blu-ray set – out October 13th:

Ice Cube Calls John Cena A Fool

Rapper Ice Cube is doing the media rounds promoting the new Straight Outta Compton movie, and was asked by ESPN to rate athletes who had tried rapping. He called john Cena a fool but admitted he had a little “LL” in his rapping style:

WWE Summerslam Preview

WWE have shared the full 22 minute Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Summerslam hype video, that first aired on the WWE Network: