Angle Meets WWE Star, Scott Hall DVD Cover

Kurt Angle Jack Swagger

Kurt Angle Meets WWE Star For First Time

Kurt Angle recently met Jack Swagger for the first time at a gym. Swagger detailed the story in a recent interview with The Sport Bible:

“I recently met Kurt Angle. We were in Pittsburgh and I was working out with R Truth and Kurt was in the same gym. So Truth knows him and he told him I was here and wanted to meet him. It was just before he did the match at that event with Mysterio with all the boxing and MMA fights on the card (laughs). When I first started watching wrestling he was the guy I watched ‘cos he was an amateur and an Olympian and that’s why I watch wrestling, for the technical aspect.”

Scott Hall Story Artwork

Here is the cover art for WWE’s upcoming Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story DVD and Blu-ray stem courtesy of Wrestling DVD Network: