Andre Giant Clip From 1966, Road Dogg In Fans Firing Line, Sami Sayn Launches Charity

Andre The Giant

The Earliest Known Footage of Andre The Giant

A new clip which appears to be the earliest known footage of Andre The Giant has found its way online. Filmed in 1966, the clip shows a young slim and shorter Andre practicing pro wrestling moves.

‘Fans Don’t Know What 5 Stars Means’

Backstage WWE producer Road Dogg continues to bare the brunt of fans’ criticism of SmackDown. The former DX member recently argued that they try to maximize profits and product quality and that they’re not sacrificing one for the other – something a lot of fans believe with the push of Jinder Mahal.

The Roadie’s former running-mate Sean ‘Xpac Waltman’ sarcastically backed him up:

Of course in reality there are grey areas. For example a more tame product might prompt better advertisers but isn’t as fulfilling to viewers. Likewise, suddenly pushing an Indian Superstar who was previously booked as a jobber might bring in more money from said country, while not being that compelling to Western audiences.

Sami Zayn Helping Syria

Sami Zayn who is of Syrian heritage, has launched a charity to help those caught up in the ongoing conflict. “Sami For Syria” is being operated in conjunction with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

Right now, there are 13.5 million people in need of assistance inside Syria. Struggling to survive the effects of siege, many Syrians remain isolated and suffer the effects of malnutrition and deteriorating health due to the lack of emergency and primary medical services and medications. SAMS provides medical care to these patients doorsteps in the form of Mobile Medical Units (MMU). By donating to Sami Zayn’s campaign today, you will help to purchase and prepare a vehicle for use as a MMU. You will also help fund the salaries of medical personnel, a driver, medications, supplies, vehicle fuel and maintenance.