Ambrose Title Name Change? Rollins With ROH Star, What If Lesnar Loses UFC Fight?

WWE Changes Championship Name?

On this week’s RAW WWE quietly renamed Dean Ambrose’s WWE World Heavyweight title, to simply the WWE Championship. This may be a sign that the company will indeed be having two main event titles for each show.

Seth Rollins With Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong, who recently left ROH, has been training with WWE’s Seth Rollins this week. It’s entirely possible that Strong ends up in NXT.

Will Lesnar’s Star Power Diminish With Loss?

Jim Ross answered an interesting question in a recent appearance on Submission Radio, about whether a loss for Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 will harm his WWE star power:

“No, I don’t think so. I can certainly see why that question would be asked – and it is a good question. I think that people are now, with all the information on social media, I think people can differentiate a real sport, UFC athletic event, from a structured, theatrical-based presentation in sports entertainment. I just don’t think it would hurt him at all, quite frankly.”

JR also discussed Lesnar’s chances:

“I’m a whole lot more worried about his striking defence, than I am his readiness to fight or his physical conditioning. I think his conditioning will be good. But I can’t see that he or Hunt are gonna prepare for a long fight. I think they both know that it’s gonna end violently and suddenly, early – earlier than maybe some want to discuss. But Lesnar will be ready to go, and he’ll be healthy. That’s the main thing.”