Alberto Drunkenly Rants About Triple H, JR Spoke With Taker, Nikki Retired? Fans Sing

Alberto Paige

Watch Alberto El Patron’s Drunken Periscope

Controversy just can’t seem to stop finding Alberto El Patron and fiancée Paige. Yesterday evening the Impact Wrestling star streamed a drunken Periscope video where he said ‘keyboard warriors’ reminded him of “one of the bosses in WWE with a big f*ckin’ nose who’s a big f*cking p*ssy” – aka Triple H!

Patron also said he and Paige will be getting married in June and she won’t be coming back to wrestling until he says she can.

At one point in the clip the former WWE star suggested he could go to WWE HQ “where all the p*ssies live” and that he would go to ‘someone’s’ door and say “hey, big nose with the small d*ck.”

Paige didn’t seem too amused by Patron’s antics here.

JR’s Personal Conversation With Undertaker

In a recent interview with the AV Club Jim Ross revealed that he had a personal conversation with the Undertaker prior to his WrestleMania retirement match.

He used an RV as his dressing area. I went in his RV when I arrived hours before we were going on. So we had a very good personal conversation. We’ve been joined at the hip for a long, long time, even back to the WCW days. I helped get him into WCW from World Class Championship Wrestling. I thought at the time, you don’t see too many 6-foot-9, 300-pound guys who were athletic. Young Mark Calaway was an athletic beast. So we had a nice conversation. [And after the match], a big hug afterward. I cried, he didn’t want to cry, though he might have had a tear. It was very emotional for him afterward, and I didn’t want to monopolize his time. It sure as hell wasn’t about me, it was about him. What he helped facilitate for me was the greatest honor I have received in wrestling. I’ve been in three Halls Of Fame, and they pale in comparison to having a legendary guy wanting to bring me back—whether I was under contract or not—to be part of the broadcast team, so I can add to his soundtrack of that match. It was a really emotional day.

I was told by others that Mark and Vince collaborated, and they talked about it. Mark had a suggestion, Vince thought it was a great idea. Look, there’s one captain of the ship, and I give Vince a hell of a lot of credit, because if it wasn’t for him facilitating it, it wouldn’t have happened. I’m very grateful for both guys. It was quite the honor.

Has Nikki Retired?

Despite re-injuring her neck Nikki Bella told CBS that she hasn’t retired.

“There was a lot of speculation that I was retiring, but WWE is my home. I’m a lifer. John likes to say that and me too. I am WWE for life. I don’t ever want to retire,” Nikki said. “I need to take some time for healing, but that’s why I will never say the word ‘retirement,’ because you will see me back in the ring. And I hope the day you see me back in the ring is with my twin sister.”

In another interview with Fox Sports she said she found the parodies of her and John Cena funny and wasn’t offended:

“I mean, I’m not going to lie. I laughed. You know what I realized, too? I’m very easy to impersonate. From the look, to the personality, I’m like, wow. When I walk in the halls, I’m just like, ‘Oh, there’s me, and then there’s me.’ And then Tyler Breeze’s body’s actually real hot and tight, so he would turn a corner and I would be just like, ‘Oh [expletive], Brie?! And I have so much respect for him. One, he’s an incredible wrestler. Him and Fandango, they’re so fun. I want them to have so much more, but what they do with what they get, I think is incredible. And then Tyler, just how, dressing like me and everything he did, you know, I got to spear him, and give him my finisher.”

Fans Sing Nakamura’s Theme

The celebration of Shinsuke Nakamura’s SmackDown debut continued out on to the streets of Orlando Tuesday night. Check out the following video of fans singing his theme: