AJ Styles Wants Wrestlemania Moment, Steve Austin On Daniel Bryan, Bayley At WWE HQ

AJ Styles

AJ Styles Interview

AJ Styles was Michael Cole’s guest on this week’s online interview. He discussed joining WWE, wanting a Wrestlemania moment and more:

Steve Austin On Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio Steve Austin discussed Daniel Bryan’s retirement and advice for Roman Reigns:

I think the guy absolutely made the right decision. I think Vince kind of helped him to make up his mind. I had heard a story that he wanted out of his contract so he could go wrestle elsewhere. I don’t know. Then I heard the part about his seizures, then all of a sudden it was what came first, the chicken or the egg? He absolutely made the right decision. We find out years later with all these NFL guys and some guys in our business that have brain issues. If you’re having seizures and the doctor says your brain is kind of getting jellified here, and I’m no doctor that’s just working man speak, then damn right he made the right decision. Moving forward my advice to him is I don’t think he needs much advice. Daniel Bryan is a very smart kid, he is very passionate about some of the green projects he’s involved with that we talked about on my podcast about two years ago. I don’t know him real well, but I talked to him while he was at home on his hiatus from the business. He will find another way just like I did. I remember when I was going to have to ride off into the sunset, my good friend Paul Orndorff looked me in the eyes and said, “Steve there is life after wrestling” because a lot of us don’t think there is. We don’t have an exit strategy from the business. I asked him, “There is?”, and he said “Damn right there is.” That’s the only thing I told Daniel Bryan as well, is that there is life after wrestling.

I got a chance to talk to Roman Reigns and he is going to be fine. When you talk to him one-on-one, he is a super cool dude. I told him just be yourself in your promos and you are going to be fine. Some people think he has been a little bit entitled or pushed too fast and too hard. It’s just like when Vince McMahon told me when I was going to win King of the Ring or drop the championship on me at WrestleMania 14, what was I going to say? Not so fast, I think I need to earn more, so let’s wait a little bit on that. Roman Reigns has a good body, good looking guy, but he does have to bring the work up and he is starting to develop a little bit of a promo when he is himself. The company is going to him, and with that being said, he does have to bring up his end and that’s in the work and the performance. The IWC wants things their way and their favorites and or the people that are not given enough attention like Cesaro before he went down with his injury after Tyson Kidd rode off after his injury. Those two guys were doing great, but then Cesaro kind of fell to the wayside and everyone wants him to get a push because he’s earned it. After all my years in the business, yes the business has changed a little bit, but I just like to watch it and see what it is. The fact is these guys are better athletes than we were in there putting together more athletic sequences, so just kind of enjoy the ride. I was in the business for 15 years, and if I sit there and try to break down everything they do, then I’d have a headache. I just try to watch and enjoy it.

Bayley Has Important Meeting

Very important business meeting today….stay tuned..

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