AJ Styles Royal Rumble Teaser, The Rock Gives Advice, Daniel Puder Shoots On WWE

AJ Styles Royal Rumble

AJ Styles Teases Royal Rumble Entry

AJ Styles teased that he would be in the Royal Rumble in a post-match promo at Revolution Pro:

So this just happened

Posted by Wrestling Memes on Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Rock On Grabbing The Brass Ring

The Rock gave advice to the WWE roster in a recent Instagram post, encouraging them to grab the proverbial “brass ring”:

Here’s the best part about the WWE today – that ‘brass ring’ is ALWAYS up for grabs to anyone in that locker room who has the balls and smarts to take it and run and most importantly prove to the company that they can draw more money better than everyone on the roster. There’s some very talented dudes and chicks on the #WWE & #NXT rosters. As a faithful fan of the wrestling business I’m fired up to see who’s gonna emerge, grab that “brass ring” and become the leaders of a new era. Be relentless, get after that brass ring, have a blast and kayfabe the baby oil. And most importantly, save your dough.

Puder On Backstage Bullying

Former WWE Tough Enough contestant and MMA fighter Daniel Puder discussed his rough time in WWE during an interview with the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast:

[Big Show] slammed me into a locker plenty of times. I didn’t know it was coming. It was the first time when we walked into the guy’s locker room. They set it up for the guys to be in there. Big Show looked at me and he says, ‘You bowing up? You bowing up, boy?’ And I was like, you know, I stand with good posture. He comes over and just launches me over to a locker, and takes my head and tosses me out the room.

One day I did a move wrong and stood up. [Bill DeMott] came over and grabbed my pinky and bent it backwards. I go, ‘Well. Are you gonna break it, or are you gonna actually let me do this move right and teach me right?'”

While he did admit that he was an awesome coach, he further stated that he did have some bullying incidents. He once said, ‘if you don’t come out to drink with us, I’m gonna kick your a–.’

I would show up, and [Hardcore Holly] would bump me all over the place; and I would continue taking it. And he has the audacity to write negatively in his book. I really looked up to the guy, and I [looked at what we wrote about me]. At the end of the day, he’s gonna go out of this world, when he dies, for being a loser and an idiot. You try to write a book to put people down for the money, it’s pretty sad; pretty low.