Styles and NJPW Stars To WWE? Major Rumble Change, Jericho Returns, Ryback Plans

AJ Styles Royal Rumble

AJ Styles and others Leave NJPW?

According to MLW Radio and the Wrestling Observer, several big NJPW names are finishing up with the company and are in talks with WWE. AJ Styles is currently working without a contract and could theoretically sign at any time. Shisuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are also said to be leaving the Japanese promotion, with WWE on their radar.

While pen has not been put to paper, it’s expected that some if not all of these names may end up with WWE.

Title On Line In Rumble Match

The big news out of last night’s RAW is that Roman Reigns will be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Royal Rumble match itself, meaning the winner will be the champ and not the number one contender for Wrestlemania.

Also last night Chris Jericho returned and will be one of the Rumble entrants:

Ryback Has Wrestlemania Ideas

Ryback revealed in a media conference call this morning that he plans to sit down with Vince and pitch an idea for Wrestlemania:

I’m hopefully going to sit down with Vince in the next week or two, before the Royal Rumble, to discuss that with him because I have a very cool, innovative idea that I feel like the WWE Universe would be very receptive to from a storyline standpoint moving into WrestleMania.

From a talent standpoint, I fully expect to play a huge part this year and I expect nothing less. I don’t expect to be on the Preshow or not on the show [at all]. I fully expect to be on the show and in a major angle doing something and having a huge WrestleMania moment, not only for myself, but also for the talent I’m in the ring with.” Ryback continued, “being in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is a huge honor, but from a competitive standpoint, and a talent standpoint, and the Ryback brand standpoint, and being on each and every show every year, and getting one of, if not the best, receptions on the WWE live events each and every night and going out there and delivering, I fully expect to be represented on the WWE WrestleMania 32 [card].

Nikki Bella Update

Nikke Bella revealed on social media that she will be undergoing a spinal epidural to help with the bulging discs in her back. There is currently no timetable for her return.