AJ Styles Comments On Debut, Sami Zayn Back On Main Roster, RAW Preview

AJ Styles

AJ Styles Makes Huge Impact

AJ Styles made a huge impact when he debuted in last night’s Royal Rumble match. As well as getting one of the best reactions of the night his first t-shirt has already sold out.

Although the rumors were strong WWE still kept him out of sight in a tour bus. Here’s a video of him backstage before the debut:

Styles entered at number 3 and was later eliminated by Kevin Owens. Following the match none other than TNA (who tried to call him on breaking some non existent contractual agreement just a few days ago) decided instead to congratulate him:

Here’s what the Phenomenal One had to say after the Rumble:

WWE.com also made a lengthy press release noting his time in WCW, accomplishments in TNA and more:

Styles’ arrival on Sunday night was the culmination of nearly a decade and a half spent becoming the most praised performer who wasn’t on the WWE roster. He has held the top title in countless promotions, beaten everyone from Kurt Angle to Hiroshi Tanahashi, and is one of only three non-WWE competitors to be named the top wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Simply put, if there was a scouting report for potential WWE Superstars, Styles would have been No. 1 on everybody’s list.

What makes the Georgia native so special? From an in-ring standpoint, he should weigh heavily in any conversation about being the best in the world. He’ll catch your eye with his devastating Styles Clash, which has felled opponents from Tampa to Tokyo, and blow your mind with his dizzying Spiral Tap — a corkscrew senton bomb from the top rope. And, like Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy before him, his charisma and ring presence make it impossible to turn away. If you take your eyes off him, even for a second, you’re sure to miss something special.

Styles’ first national exposure came in WCW during the company’s waning final weeks, where he chased the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship as one half of a duo called Air Raid. He competed in tryout and dark matches for WWE in 2002, but was never signed by the company. Undeterred, he made a name for himself in every single promotion that wasn’t owned by Mr. McMahon with countless blow-away matches. He battled Sting and Samoa Joe in Florida, challenged CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in Chicago, and fought Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in California.

Then in April 2014, Styles took his first step toward international acclaim when he debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling, immediately aligning with Bullet Club. Styles twice captured New Japan Pro Wrestling’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship — a title also held by Brock Lesnar, Vader and WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami — while asserting himself as one of the best American wrestlers in the company’s history.

And then the rumors started. In January 2016, a report broke that he and three other New Japan Pro Wrestling competitors were supposedly heading to WWE. Finn Bálor, Bullet Club’s leader before Styles, fanned the flames on his social media accounts. Even John Cena got in on the fun, posting a picture of Styles’ face on his Instagram account, which Styles responded to with an old photo of Cena’s mug.

After weeks of speculation and cryptic tweets, though, Styles finally stepped into a WWE ring, showing Orlando, Fla.’s Amway Center and viewers worldwide that he isn’t just hype. He’s a game changer.

Styles arrives to WWE as a highly skilled veteran with the same agility and desire as that novice grappler who once stared down The Hurricane on WWE Metal. After conquering the independent circuit and Japan, AJ Styles wants to show WWE why he’s so phenomenal. Hold on tight.

Sami Zayn To Feud With Owens?

Sami Zayn made his main roster return in the Rumble match and seemed to reignite his feud with Kevin Owens, who ultimately eliminated him. It’s not clear whether he’ll still be finishing up work with NXT.

Here’s what he said after the match:

Post-Rumble RAW Preview

WWE.com are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s episode of RAW:

– The McMahon family to celebrate Triple H’s win.

– What will be AJ Styles’ next move?

– How will Del Rio get revenge on Kalisto?

– Is Sasha Banks the next Divas Champion?

– What’s next for the Wyatts after they took out Brock Lesnar?