Adam Rose Shirt Gets Heat, Who Has WWE Contacted? Vince Shouldn’t Listen To Fans?

Adam Rose Shirt Pulled

The shirt Adam Rose was selling through ProWrestlingTees has been pulled after some controversy. The black tee featured his recent arrest mugshot, which didn’t go down well with some people, including comedian Ron Funches.

It should be noted that Roses’ charges were dropped.

WWE Contacts The Following Names

According to the Wrestling Observer WWE have contacted Carlito, MVP and Stevie Richards about returning to the company to help pad out the brand split and put over younger talent. Whether they are interested or not is unknown. Many other names from the past have been contacted.

Why Vince Doesn’t Need To Listen To Fans

Former WWE creative team member Freddie Prinze, Jr. gave an interesting take on why Vince McMahon is not obligated to listen to the audience when making creative decisions. He told Sam Roberts:

“Vince is always going to do what Vince does. And, honestly, I know people don’t agree with this, but he really does know best. Imagine if Jimi Hendrix was alive today. People would reach out to him on social media and they would tell him what kind of music to make. It would literally be the movie, Misery, where Kathy Bates is like, ‘no, she’s not dead. You’re going to bring her back. I don’t care what book you wrote. You’re going to bring her back right now!’ And that’s what social media is, so they want to have a voice, they feel they have a voice in the match with the ‘yes! No! Yeah! 1-2-ahh!’ They feel they have a voice [but] you don’t. Are you entitled to it? Sure. Is it ever going to get heard? It shouldn’t. Picasso didn’t hate whales. He just didn’t paint any. Like, he did what he wanted to do because he’s the artist. Vince is the painter. It’s Vince’s toy box. They are his toys. It’s cool he invites you over twice a week to watch him play, but they’re his. He doesn’t take his ball and go home. He’ll punch you in the face and play his game that you didn’t want to play on your dead chest. That’s what the artist does. Jimi Hendrix would laugh at you if you said, ‘man, I just want a pop song.'”