Adam Rose Breaks Silence, WWE Still Want Rousey, The Kliq At Performance Center

Adam Rose Discusses Recent Controversy

Former WWE star Adam Rose spoke for the first time since the recent controversy, in an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet. He said that he actually requested his release from WWE, though he was facing termination anyway.

He had the following to say about his arrest after the domestic incident with his wife:

“As for my arrest, well that was a complete nightmare! It’s all being cleared up now, but the damage to our lives is permanent. My wife was like ‘what the hell is going on’ when it happened. I don’t exactly even know why it happened … even now. I think law enforcement, who I have the utmost respect for, may have acted too quickly.

They never knew the full story and made some assumptions that will now scar my family’s history forever. My wife is my world and my rock. I don’t deserve her in anyway. As a man, I am willing to say and admit she is the toughest and strongest person I know. I am proud of her! Proud to be her husband! Proud to have her raise my boys.”

Rose also discussed his character:

“Adam Rose never quite took off in the WWE! Is it the company’s fault, or my fault? Probably a bit of both. The character Adam Rose that debuted on NXT was not the same character that the WWE Universe got. Honestly, I am happy to leave. It was time. I wanted to be home more. My boys and my wife needed me. My poor wife had been carrying the load the whole time while I was off living my dream. It was not right or fair to her or my boys.”

He will be taking the party gimmick to the independents, but with a more adult twist.

WWE Want Rousey For WrestleMania 33

Although her stock has fallen since the big loss to Holly Holm, WWE are still pursuing Ronda Rousey with WrestleMania 33 in mind. The company are said to be using the Brock Lesnar UFC fight as leverage.

Nash and HBK At Performance Center

Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels joined Triple H at the Performance Center this week: