2016 WWE Royal Rumble Results

Royal Rumble

– Mark Henry and Jack Swagger won a fatal four way tag match (Darren Young & Damien Sandow, The Ascension, Dudleys) to earn a spot in the Royal Rumble match.

– Vince and Stephanie arrive in a limo. They hype the odds against Roman Reigns in a segment with JoJo.

– Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match, when he pushed him off the top rope through 2 tables on the outside. Ambrose still IC champ.

– The New Day introduce Francesca 2!

– The New Day def. The Usos after Big E made a blind tag and caught Jey Uso with the Big Ending. Still the tag champs.

– Kalisto def. Alberto Del Rio by sending him in to an exposed turnbuckle (exposed by Del Rio) and following up with the SDL. New US champ!

– Stephanie agrees to discuss a new contract for Brock Lesnar, as long as he takes out Roman Reigns tonight. Heyman vows that he will.

– Charlotte def. Becky Lynch with a Spear after Flair distracted Becky with his jacket. After the match Charlotte beat down Becky.

Out of nowhere Sasha Banks’ music hit, but instead of making the save she kicked Becky out of the ring and shook Charlotte’s hand. However before she could leave with Flair Sasha attacked her anyway.

– AJ Styles debuted at number 3 in the Rumble match to a huge pop. One spot saw R-Truth bring a ladder in the ring because he thought it was a MITB match. Another saw Kofi land on Big E’s shoulders to survive.

AJ was eliminated by Kevin Owens and Owens was eliminated by Sami Zayn.

After Lesnar eliminated the lower 3 members of the Wyatts, Bray ordered them back to take out Lesnar.

Earlier in the match Rusev splashed Reigns through a table and he was helped out. He returned after number 29 and Triple H came out at 30.

Reigns eliminated Sheamus, Triple H eliminated Reigns, and Triple H eliminated Dean Ambrose to become the new champ!