How to Become a Better Arm Wrestler

Are you always getting into arm-wrestling matches against friends, family, colleagues, etc.? Or are you thinking of how to become a professional arm wrestler? Well, for both cases, one thing is true; you need to possess the right technique, speed, strength, and strategy to be a better arm wrestler.

Therefore, we will reveal to you some techniques that you can use to always come out on top with your opponent’s hand under yours. 

Let’s begin, shall we?


You need to understand that despite your strength or the strength of your opponent if your technique is wrong, you will end up having your hand smashed to the arm-wrestling table. Therefore, it is important to know the techniques that will always guarantee victory. 

However, apart from knowing these techniques, how they are implemented is the key. You must perform these techniques in a fast and smooth manner.

Below are the two main techniques for arm wrestling:


This technique can be said to be most effective as far as arm wrestling is concerned. When this skill is utilized, the contest is transformed from that of forearm and bicep strength to the ability of your hand, wrist, and fingers. Visit to learn how to build up your bicep strength and muscle by 30 percent. To employ this technique properly, you need to move your hand up the palm of your challenger. You are to ensure that your hand wraps around the upper part of their hand while they hold your hand’s lower part. 

As we said earlier, speed plays a vital role in the execution of this method. Therefore, immediately the match commences, quickly put yourself in this situation before your opponent realizes it or tries to do the same.

You should also try to move the hand of your opponent from their body. When this is done properly, it will cause their leverage to be disrupted while increasing yours in the process. This, in turn, will cause their grip to begin to slip which is a sign for you to take further advantage and move your hand higher up theirs. Continue moving your hand upwards as much as possible till your hand gets to the point where you can slam their hands to the table for the win. 


This technique can function as a stand-alone technique or a combination alongside the technique above. The aim of this method is to move the hand of your opponent as further back as possible. If this is executed properly, it will cause you to have more leverage and increased power. 

Just like the top-roll, the effectiveness of this skill hinges on your speed of execution at the start of the match. So, once the match commences, move the hand of your opponent backward while causing their wrist to be exposed as you twist their wrists. When they are in this position, you can easily execute the finish. 

The Finish

Speaking of finish, you need to know how to finish off your challenger. Many arm wrestlers have found themselves struggling with the finish even though they have their opponent’s hand close to the arm-wrestling table. To avoid running into a stalemate even though you seem like you have the match in the bag, you need to follow what we will share next. 

Once you get your opponent in the position where you can finish them off, turn your body in such a way that you align your shoulder in the same direction of your arm’s movement. When you place your body in this position, you will be able to utilize your shoulder muscles as well as your body weight. This should get your opponent’s hand on the table except they are Superman. 

The finish also relies on smooth and quick execution. Therefore, do not give your opponent time to respond. That means avoid taunting as much as possible.

We must mention that you won’t master these techniques overnight; you might have to lose a couple of times before you get it right. But don’t worry, after a while, you’ll always come out with the victory.

To further strengthen your arm muscles, you will need to work out those muscles. Visit this website to learn more about exercise and equipment you can use for such workouts.


Becoming a better arm wrestler doesn’t happen overnight but requires patience and practice. Also, you need to know the techniques that will always guarantee victory.