TNA vs GFW Update, Corgan Jams For Talent, Tyrus Shoots On Cena

Magnus GFW

Are TNA Departures Really Departures?

There is some strong speculation that several of the recent TNA departures may be jumping to GFW with the plan to return to TNA at some point down the line. While the contracts are legitimately up, there is said to be a loose plan to do a GFW vs TNA storyline with the talent who are receptive. One such wrestler appears to be Magnus who has left TNA but was immediately announced for GFW:

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and UK superstar, Nick Aldis, formerly known as Magnus at TNA Wrestling, has signed on with Global Force Wrestling and will be part of their next GFW Grand Slam Tour live events on July 9 in Wisconsin, July 10 in Pennsylvania, and July 11 in Ohio. He will also be headlining the first ever world television taping on July 24th, in Las Vegas.

“I’m ready to explore opportunities as a free agent that haven’t been open to me before. Jeff Jarrett has been instrumental in my career development and I have always respected him as a performer and promoter. As soon as I heard about GFW I knew that one way or another I would play a part. I’m very excited about that.,” said Aldis.

GFW Founder and CEO Jeff Jarrett could not be happier that Magnus has decided to join the force. “Nick is one of the brightest stars in professional wrestling today and I could not be more excited to have him front and center promoting GFW. His star power in the UK will help give Global Force Wrestling the brand exposure we are looking for.”

Aldis also appeared on the United Kingdom revival of Gladiators, where he was known by the name Oblivion.

“Aldis star power transcends pro wrestling and he is someone that we have had our eye on for months,” said Karen Jarrett Co Founder of Global Force Wrestling.

James Storm may be in a similar boat, while Austin Aries seems to be seeking out other opportunities. He has already sought professional representation:

The Regime, a Los Angeles-based talent management firm representing Grammy Award winning musicians, athletes and respected artists across all fields of entertainment, is happy to announce a partnership with our latest client, the multi-­? talented Austin Aries.

With the recent expiration of his TNA Entertainment contract, we consider Austin Aries to be among the hottest free agents in professional wrestling. We are very excited for the many opportunities that lie ahead for a man that is universally considered to be one of professional wrestling’s greatest entertainers.

Billy Corgan Performs For TNA Stars

Smashing Pumpkins frontman and TNA creative member Billy Corgan whipped out his guitar for the wrestlers and staff following Slammiversary:

Tyrus Calls Cena PN News With A Push

Former WWE star Brodus Clay (TNA’s Tyrus) joked that John Cena was just P.N. News with a push. He told Chad Dukes:

Cena ran his mouth a couple weeks ago that I was lumped in with the XFL, son of a b—h, and I was like the XFL was cool. And listen, the only difference between him and P.N. News is that he got a push, because he wasn’t the first rapping gimmick. He wasn’t the first guy with a chain, he just won some titles. If he didn’t he’s just white P.N. News.” “It’s good. He wants to do an open challenge, keep running your mouth you know, you’ll see the US Title in TNA. I’ll keep it for as long as I want to. But yeah I mean it’s one of those things where you know what my name’s being dropped in three wrestling promotions in one week, why not.

Eric Young On TNA Competing With WWE

When asked whether TNA was competition for WWE, Eric Young told Journey of a Frontman that WWE is in a league of its own and to compete all of the other promotions need to work together:

“In my opinion, none of the companies are really competing against each other. You are competing against yourself. The WWE is here and all the other promotions are here. So the WWE, they control. They’ve been around for so long and have the monopoly on most things. They’ve got three massive television shows and millions of people, generational, watching. That’s grandpas, fathers and sons watching. We’re not competing with those guys. A way for me to say is that they’re the Yankees and we’re the Nashville Sounds, in a baseball term. Not saying the Yankees as in skill level, I’m just as good or better than anybody there, I would say that to anybody that wants to listen. But we’re in a different game. We’re not competing with them. And for us to think that we’re competing with them is foolish, we’re competing with ourselves.

“ROH and TNA and Lucha Underground and all these other promotions are fighting over this one scrap. We don’t need to be fighting each other, we should be working together to make that scrap a bigger piece. There’s plenty of wrestling to go around. I feel this is a boom in wrestling. A lot of attention is on pro wrestling. There’s two pro wrestling shows on Destination America. Lucha Underground is on El Rey Network, it’s a very cool, young upstart network. These shows and these networks need to be nurtured so other people have places to work and wrestling fans have alternatives. I’m telling you right now, if you’re a wrestling fan, you need to start watching stuff other than the WWE. If they get a monopoly, it’s not good because then that’s your only choice. If you want pro wrestling, you can only watch them. If you’re a person like me that likes variety, you gotta support the other things. I’m not saying not to watch, watch it all. I watch all of it. When I was fifteen, sixteen, I watched ECW, I watched Smoky Mountain, I watched USWA, I watched WCW, NWA, I watched New Japan, Noah. I traded tapes with guys in Mexico. I watched it all. It’s all interesting in its own way, it all has something to offer. I think everyone just needs to enjoy this time and not worry so much about everything else.”