Impact Premieres Tuesday On Pop, Magnus Talks Russo Heat


TNA Pop TV Debut Brought Forward

TNA’s debut on Pop TV has been brought forward to next Tuesday (22nd). This episode will be a special best of 2015. Impact will continue on Tuesdays thereafter but the first live new show is still January 5th.

Magnus On Nearly Quitting TNA

In a recent interview with The Inquisitr Magnus discussed a time he nearly quit TNA because Vince Russo said he wasn’t championship material:

I remember Vince [Russo] specifically saying to me ‘What? You want to be World Champion or something?’ and me saying ‘Yeah’ and he’s like ‘That will never happen, you’re a Brit.’ I remember I almost quit then and there because what’s the of the point of being there?

He also discussed the infamous House of Cards rip-off angle, which insinuated Mickie James might have been hit by a train after being pushed on the tracks by James Storm:

We hated it, we all hated it. When it was pitched to us, we all tried desperately to change it to something else but the guy in charge wasn’t having anything to do with it and was convinced it would be great. That’s just a perfect example of one of the reasons why I left, we all said that was a bad idea and we all gave what I thought were good alternatives and were basically told ‘do what we tell you.

Magnus now works for Jeff Jarrett’s GFW:

The structure of GFW is completely different, it’s very much to me how I always imagined a wrestling company should be. You know, it’s very much like everyone is on the same page, everyone is treated with respect and there’s no ego when it comes to the people in charge. There’s Jeff [Jarrett], there’s Scott D’Amore, Kevin Sullivan, and Keith Mitchell is at TV’s, Sonjay [Dutt] has a big role and wears a lot of hats in GFW. No one there is walking around like ‘I’m the big boss, everyone has to respect me and if you get on the wrong side of me, you’re gonna pay, I’m gonna bury you,’ there’s none of that.