Tag Team Looking To Buy TNA?

Ron Don Harris TNA

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Ron and Don Harris are involved with a firm interested in buying TNA.

Aroluxe Marketing have been in talks with Dixie Carter for months, but both sides want a controlling share. This has caused a stalemate, however ultimately if Carter doesn’t agree to terms the company may end up folding anyway.

It has emerged that the reason TNA is moving their corporate offices to their merchandise warehouse, is not just a cost cutting measure. They were evicted for not keeping up with the rent/costs.

Although Panda Energy still own TNA they are no longer funding it, meaning the company has to survive on its own profits. All of the cost cutting measures over the last few years have still not been enough to keep them in a secure position.

Ron and Don Harris are best known for their 90s runs in WWE as The Bruise Brothers and later the Disciples of Apocalypse, a biker gang. They jumped to WCW in 2000 and have worked for TNA in various roles since 2003.

Aroluxe is a marketing and production company based in Tennessee who have been working for TNA since January. Because they have the capacity to run the show and the Harris twins know the wrestling business, at some stage they decided to enter negotiations.