Stunning Challenge from Improved Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling has issued an incredible challenge to UK Promotions for a big bash in Manchester in September. Are the heroes of the English ring brave enough to ensure that it’s Rule Britannia to triumph against America the Beautiful?

No doubt punters supporting wrestlers from both sides of the pond will get in on the action provided by sites offering online betting when the international collision occurs at Wrestling MediaCon 2018!

Impact Wrestling Claims to Be the Best

Impact Wrestling is an American Professional Wrestling Company currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and airs in more than 100 countries around the world. Ed Nordholm, president of the company, has said that, since the athletes came to the United Kingdom almost three years ago they have noticed just how much the scene has evolved. He spoke of being very excited about returning in order to demonstrate that his company had the best talent worldwide!

This is the reason behind the open challenge they’ve declared to any promotional company in theUnited Kingdom to bring their very best wrestlers to face the cream of the crop that Impact Wrestling will deliver. Wrestling MediaCon, the biggest convention ever to be held in the UK, are determined to find some worthy contenders to make sure the visitors are put in their proper place.

Much Interest Expected

A spokesperson for Wrestling MediaCon has let it be known that there are many excellent UK Promotional Companies out there, and that they fully expected much interest to be generated in the challenge from Impact Wrestling. The best possible competition will be found for the Impact Wrestling stars to enter into the ring against, and the UK wrestling scene would be showcased in all its glory, according to the spokesperson.

Ojinnaka Says Impact Wrestling Has Improved

Quinn Ojinnaka, better known as Moose in the world of professional wrestling, has spoken out on the Redemption PPV, pay-per-view, event. This match got rave reviews from members of the online wrestling community, and was a sign of a general improvement at Impact since the management was restructured says Ojinnaka.

Moose said that Don Callis, Scott D’Amore, and Sonjay Dutt were great minds and held a store of knowledge regarding wrestling, especially independent wrestling. He stated that Impact was a sort of combination of both orthodox wrestling and that not under outside control, and that this was exactly what made for good TV. He spoke of this being the case at Redemption, and that he felt he could safely predict that there would be more of these kinds of events in the future.

Redemption saw Moose taking part in a House of Hardcore Six-Man Tag Match alongside Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards as they faced off against Sami Callihan of the Ohio Versus Everything stable. When questioned about the challenges of entering the ring in these kinds of bouts, Moose quickly poured praise on his fellow fighters. He gushed about these kinds of events being what made his job so much fun, with fighters who were skilled, and excellent wrestlers, making everything that much easier.