Still Hope for British Wrestling on TV?

British Wrestling

ITV, one of the biggest terrestrial TV channels in the UK has decided not to pick up a new version of “World of Sport Wrestling” and judging from the pilot it’s not surprising. It’s clear that Jon Chapman and the others behind the “revival” were going for an old school vibe, with traditional British wrestling rules (such as rounds) and a dingy and slow presentation.

While World of Sport will always be part of wrestling history and certainly invokes some nostalgia for those that enjoyed it at the time, if TV execs thought it was antiquated in the 80s when it was axed, what ever made people think they would want the same kind of product today?

The British independent scene has a lot of talent and it’s a shame the opportunity to do something fresh and innovative was wasted.

Fortunately there may still be hope in the form of BritWres-Fest 2015 that was taped on Sunday. The show which was put together by Alex Shane will air at a future date on Challenge, the same channel that airs TNA programming in the UK.

The card had the likes of TNA’s Bram against the NGW Undisputed Champion Rampage Brown, as well as Scottish comedy star Grado, high flyer El Ligero, and many other British Indy names.

I’ve always thought if the right promoter came along something special could be done in the UK if crossed over with existing celebrities and TV characters. I don’t see any reason why the likes of Grado cannot sit alongside the likes of Keith Lemon in the minds of the British public. And if all else fails just give Katie Hopkins an open mic and people will take notice.

One has to wonder why TNA don’t invest more in to the UK scene. They have the TV and the fans. A little bit more of a localized approach could create some buzz. It’s not like they’re drawing fans to live events in the US.