Shelton Benjamin Nearly Signed With TNA Before GFW

Shelton Benjamin TNA GFW

Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin has revealed on Twitter that he was close to signing with TNA but has opted instead to join Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. “Many have asked will I ever got to Impact Wrestling?” writes the former Intercontinental Champion. “I very recently concluded a dialogue with the company and while both parties are eager to do business we were unable to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement … The door is open on both sides so hey maybe one day.”

Benjamin last wrestled in any significance on US soil for Ring of Honor in 2013, but he’s most recently been working for New Japan Pro Wrestling and NOAH. Earlier this month he was also confirmed as a roster member for GFW, though the company has yet to secure a TV deal (rumor has it Jarrett was in talks with Destination America for ROH’s new spot).

“The Gold Standard” who is now 39 years old was released from WWE in 2010 despite being one of the best athletes in the company. Although there have been several rumors of a return in recent years (especially during Royal Rumble season) nothing has ever come to fruition and it seems unlikely that WWE would consider him for anything other than a NXT “Rhyno” type deal at this stage in the game.

Why he could never break the proverbial glass ceiling is just another one of those wrestling mysteries. He was athletically gifted, charismatic and even went over Triple H. But whatever “it” is, the company obviously felt he never quite had it and others deserved a chance in his spot.

If GFW ever does get TV it will nice to see a veteran that still has some equity, who never overexposed themselves in TNA.

GFW At Ball Game

Speaking of GFW Jeff Jarrett, Jim Duggan, and Lance Hoyt appeared during the El Paso vs. Round Rock game on May 28th to promote the “GrandSlam” house show tour.