TNA Official Says ROH Need Better Production Values

tna roh destination america

Have the first shots been fired in the brewing Wednesday night war between TNA and ROH?

TNA official Bob Ryder has been answering fan questions online following the news that ROH will be Impact’s lead-in on Destination America, starting June 3rd. When asked if TNA will have to up their wrestling game to compete with ROH, Ryder said:

“We have a pretty wrestling centric product already. I think it’s more likely that ROH will have to improve their production values so they compare more favorably with us. Their lighting an production needs a bit of work.”

For those out of the loop Destination America will be airing Ring of Honor’s one hour syndicated show ahead of Impact through December.

Of course with rumors rampant that the network is set to drop TNA in September, ROH might end up being their replacement.

Nothing official has been confirmed, but both companies will obviously have to impress in the next few months, else they both might not be there in the new year.

Bob Ryder TNARyder also answered the age old question about why TNA haven’t changed their name and re-branded. He bluntly replied: “TNA is too firmly established to drop it.”

That’s a bit of a short-sighted view. If TNA changed their name tomorrow their small hardcore fan base are all going to know about it, and they’re all still going to tune in to Impact as normal. Will they have to update some letter-heads and inform a few business partners? Sure, but the long term benefits will negate any teething problems. Let’s face it, if TNA was going to make a serious “Impact” on the wrestling business it would have done so already. A more professional and appealing name with, you know, wrestling in it, has been long overdue.

How many fresh starts has Dixie Carter touted over the years? Change the name and presentation, and do it properly!