Karen Jarrett Shoots On Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter Karen Jarrett

TNA Bans Tyrus From GFW

Karen Jarrett has taken a shot at Dixie Carter on Twitter for blocking Tyrus from working upcoming GFW events. The former Brodus Clay was originally booked by Jeff Jarrett’s promotion with the understanding that it was no different to any other independent date, however the TNA President clearly doesn’t see it that way. Tyrus Tweeted:

Similar to WWE, TNA usually uses a contractual clause that prevents their talent from wrestling for other promotions that have TV deals. This is presumably why Tyrus has been pulled. However technically GFW does not even have a TV deal yet, causing Karen to make the following Tweet directed at Dixie:

Legally speaking Tyrus could go ahead with the appearances as they’re not being broadcast and aren’t even being taped for the future. However as is always the case in wrestling the talent don’t want to cross the boss in fear of being put in the doghouse.

Ring of Honor aren’t being as strict with their talent, who they’re allowing to appear on GFW live events but not TV tapings, as is the case with Moose.

So the message is clear (and not surprising) TNA are not going to be aiding GFW in any way, and it’s obviously a personal issue and nothing to do with “business.” It’s not like Tyrus appearing at a small live event is going to have any detrimental effect on TNA or positive impact on GFW whatsoever. It will harm his bank balance however.

Interestingly Jeff Jarrett still holds a minority share in TNA, despite the brewing rivalry.

AJ Styles Rejected TNA Hall of Fame?

In other TNA news PWInsider.com is reporting that the promotion offered AJ Styles a nice pay day to have a final match at Slammiversary, which would also include a Hall of Fame induction. Styles however rejected the deal, likely because NJPW is currently working with ROH and he obviously has a busy schedule as the reigning IWGP Heavyweight champion.

I’m sure if he really wanted to do it he could, but he’s just not a TNA guy anymore. If anyone deserves a TNA Hall of Fame induction though, it’s AJ Styles. It’s just a shame the company is not even noteworthy enough for talent to care. Of course this doesn’t mean Styles won’t return at some point on the future. His departure mostly seemed to be a business decision and nothing overtly personal.

Impact and ROH on Destination America Tonight

Don’t forget that tonight is ROH’s debut on Destination America and Impact’s first airing in the Wednesday timeslot. ROH starts at 8/9c and will be the direct lead in to Impact an hour later.

A lot of eyes are going to be on the viewing numbers. How will ROH compare to TNA, and will both promotions impress the network enough to keep them around?