Jarrett TNA Update, Russo Offers To Help, King of the Mountain Update

Jeff Jarrett Impact

TNA Talent Working GFW

As part of the agreement between TNA and Jeff Jarrett, TNA have agreed to allow their talent to work GFW dates. Technically talent are free to work anywhere they want as long as they aren’t on TV, but for whatever reason the company were strict about GFW until this week.

So far neither camp has suggested the promotions are merging or that Jarrett is taking over TNA, but we’ll likely know for sure by September. Dixie Carter is set to return to TV soon, which would suggest some kind of storyline with Jeff.

TNA talent were not formally informed that Jarrett would be appearing on Impact and they kept it secret by writing something else in to the script.

Vince Russo Offers His Services For Free

Vince Russo has published an email he recently sent to TNA offering to “help” the company improve its ratings for free.

Feeling the TNA situation, I felt driven to do something about it, rather than to just sit behind my computer and let it die a slow death. So I wrote an e-mail to Dixie, John and Billy Corgan and I offered my services to them—FREE OF CHARGE—in an effort to help them from now until September. I told them that if they weren’t interested that there was no need to reply to my e-mail, that I would know in my heart-of-hearts that I did all I possibly could do on my part to help the situation. The only one who responded to my e-mail was Billy—who I understood wasn’t in a position to do anything.

Now, you can say whatever it is you want about Vince Russo–he put the belt on himself, he put the belt on David Arquette, he put Judy Bagwell on a forklift, he killed WCW, he was nothing without Vince McMahon’s filter . . . yada, yada, yada. I’m cool with all that, as long as you add that he helped bring TNA to over 2 million viewers on Spike TV when he “had the book” less than five years ago. If you’re going to bring up all those others things solely based on “opinion”, then it would only be fair that you brought up the “facts”, or the “numbers”. Unfortunately in wrestling–nobody does that any more. Carter/Gaburick are not interested in my FREE SERVICES, based on one having to admit a mistake, and the other simply doing what execs do in wrestling—protecting their spots. Not accepting the services of the guy who helped creatively bring you to your greatest heights is just simply . . . sad.

Russo’s ego and delusions are unfathomable.

New Participants For King of the Mountain Match

Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Drew Galloway, and Bobby Roode will join Jeff Jarrett in the King of the Mountain match at TNA Slammiversary this Sunday. Jarrett has been hyping this as his final TNA match.