TNA Star At WWE Tryouts, AJ Styles On Turning Down Offer, Impact Goes House of Cards

James Storm Mickie James

Havok Tries Out For WWE

In a sign that she’s done with TNA, Havok has been at the WWE tryout camp this week in Orlando. The former Knockouts Champion was one of several women brought in to the company over the years to fulfill the Awesome Kong role, but with the real Kong back under contract perhaps there wasn’t room for the both of them.

It will be interesting to see if she gets signed. WWE is certainly lacking in female talent that can fill the monster role that has been used sparingly over the years with stars like Beth Phoenix. By all means give Divas a chance, but what about women of different body types and looks? I miss Luna Vachon and Bertha Faye!

AJ Styles Tweets About TNA Offer

As reported yesterday AJ Styles turned down a TNA Hall of Fame and match offer several weeks back. He took to Twitter to explain his motivations and reiterate that he has no ill will towards Dixie’s company:

James Storm Pushes Mickie On To Train Tracks

In a scene that looks to be inspired by season 2 of House of Cards, this week’s Impact saw James Storm “caught” on CCTV pushing an unsuspecting Mickie James on to some train tracks. As absurd as that seems, they didn’t thankfully go through with killing her like the Kate Mara character on the Netflix show.

Sometimes TNA’s creative logic is spot on (I’m looking at you TMZ style backstage roving reporter) but then they do stuff like letting us hear Jeff Hardy’s thoughts, or … this.