Impact Star Hospitalized, Damien Sandow’s Future, Jarrett Talks World of Sport

DJ Z injured

DJ Z Rushed To Hospital In Mexico

Impact Wrestling star DJ Z was hospitalized in Mexico City yesterday after taking a bad bump in the ring.

The injury occurred in a 6-man match for the Crash promotion when he landed a hard 450 splash and was unable to get back up.

“Thought maybe I broke a rib or something. Finished the match, however, just puked my guts out after the match and couldn’t stand up and was basically dying and turning pale,” explained the former X-Division champion on social media.

As of now he still doesn’t know the damage done:

Aron Rex Leaves Impact Wrestling

Aron Rex (the former Damien Sandow) has left Impact Wrestling, but was keen to note on Twitter that he hasn’t retired from in-ring action.

Jarrett On WOS Impact Partnership

Jeff Jarrett discussed the partnership between Impact Wrestling and the UK’s World of Sport reboot in an interview with Tom Feaheny.

“It is surreal, I’m very pleased and thankful, it is such a prestigious brand, it started in the 1965 to 1985, it is such an iconic brand, it will make a hell of a tag team,” Jarrett said. “The British independent scene is the hottest in the world, we couldn’t be more excited, some Impact stars will be a part of it, it really is exciting for us.”

WOS will air a 10 episode season on Saturdays on ITV, one of the most watched TV channels in the UK and with a potential audience much larger than WWE.

Jarrett also discussed his return to Impact under Anthem Sports:

“I would never have dreamed of a return, we are on the verge of the 15th anniversary of the company and online wise the stats I have got back for the digital growth is staggering, it’s very exciting. Our roster from top to bottom with faces of the past and future, it is great to see what we are doing with the company.”