MMA Stars Clash At GFW TV Tapings

Chael Sonnen GFW

The big news out of GFW’s second TV tapings in Las Vegas was a showdown between MMA stars Chael Sonnen and Phil Baroni. Sonnen was in the ring cutting a promo when Baroni jumped the guard rail but was held off be security. Sonnen said he wanted to wrestle, so it looks like there may be a match between the pair at a future event.

Baroni has already done wrestling and was trained by D’Lo Brown.

The match everyone has been waiting for: BARONI VS SONNEN

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The company are trying to work it as a shoot and have been making statements to reporters that it wasn’t part of the show.

Meanwhile here’s what the turnout looked like from afar:

Jarrett is still shopping the show around to Networks.