Bram Beats Up Opponent? Broken Hardy Trademarks Rejected, Scott D’Amore On GFW Role

Bram GFW

Bram Legit Hurts Wrestler?

Although it’s likely a carefully planned ‘worked-shoot’ GFW star Bram legitimately hurt his opponent Ravie Davie at ICW “Shug’s Hoose Party 4” event – presumably with his blessing.

In the storyline Bram interrupted a wedding between Davie and Martina. It seems the promotion is playing off his real life history of fighting and domestic violence.

GFW Fails To Trademark Broken Hardy Gimmick

GFW have failed to renew the various trademarks for the Broken Hardy gimmick that were previously used by TNA before the rebranding.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office refused ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ because Hardy himself beat them to it, ‘Brother Nero’ because Nero is Jeff Hardy’s real middle name, ‘Broken Brilliance’ because they didn’t specify what it was for in the context of wrestling, and “Vanguard1” because it is too similar to an existing non-wrestling trademark.

Because Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero relate to Matt and Jeff (real living people), both are required to sign off on the trademark – something they obviously aren’t going to do. The only way around this is if they file the trademarks without applying them specifically to Matt and Jeff.

How this effects WWE’s use of the trademarks is unclear. It may be that TNA can only use the gimmicks for new wrestlers and in a generic sense, and WWE can only use them for Matt and Jeff themselves with their blessing. Neither company will be able to own Vanguard1, but might still be able to use it without anyone coming after them. ‘Broken Brilliance’ is still up in the air.

The Hardyz and WWE are both confident they will be able to move forward with elements of the gimmick soon.

Scott D’Amore On TNA/GFW Rebrand

GFW’s Scott D’Amore discussed his role with the company and the rebrand from TNA in a recent interview with HANNIBAL TV:

The decision to change or to get away from the TNA name was kind of done before I got involved. They had kind of started moving towards the direction of “Impact Wrestling”, and then with everything with Jeff Jarrett, myself, Karen Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, Kevin Sullivan, the Global Force Wrestling team coming in, with this merger the decision was basically to become “Global Force Wrestling Impact”. “Impact” is a brand name, it will continue to be the name of our flagship show, and you can think of “Global Force Wrestling” or “GFW” as the sanctioning body per se. It’s like we’re the National Wrestling Alliance and the TV show is Championship Wrestling From Florida, to kind of use an analogy that is probably way too old for most of the people watching this to get. But that’s kind of the idea, so you’ll see “GFW Impact”, you’ll see “GFW Xplosion” which is our syndicated show that airs in I think 60+ markets around the world. Obviously as you’ve seen, we’ve unified the championships, and I think it’s a great way of combining the two of them and showing that we have a fresh new era, we’re moving in a new direction, we’re moving in a positive direction, and we’re part of wrestling’s future. Whatever happened in the past, good and bad, it’s all there, it’s in the past and we’re moving forward and we’re gonna move forward in a very positive and great direction.

… My current position with Global Force Wrestling and Impact, or I guess Global Force Wrestling Impact, is Vice President of International Relations and also heading up a lot of the talent relations stuff as well as being on the booking committee.