Billy Corgan Is Just A Persona? Traci Brooks Retiring

Traci Brooks TNA

Billy Corgan Has Been Working His Gimmick For Years?

New TNA creative honcho Billy Corgan tells Rolling Stone that he has been working his “gimmick” for years:

I’ve been doing it for 20 years. People are just not wise enough to understand that they’re being, as we say in wrestling, worked. My public image is based on a series of things that I have done as a performance artist to convince people that I’m somebody that I am not. I’ve done it for so long and so well that people actually think I’m that person – so then I am asked in my current reality to answer to something that I did as an artist with the idea that somehow I was a real person who didn’t have the sentient intelligence to know that I was being ridiculous.

Former TNA Knockout Retiring

Former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks is retiring from the ring at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event on July 18th:

Brooks was staple in TNA from the early years, aligning herself with Michael Shane, Bobby Roode, and wrestling in the Knockouts division. In real life she is married to Frankie Kazarian.