Aries Rips Fans Who Want TNA To Die

Austin Aries TNA

TNA star Austin Aries took to Twitter to call out fans who seem to be relishing in anything negative about TNA.

No matter who’s wrestling companies you root for or hate on, remember the human element. We’re all people working to provide, just like you. If you need to spread negativity or wish the worst, step back and ask yourself why and what good it brings you… The world’s a sphere for a reason…what’s put out there, it all comes around.

He also seemed to target Dave Meltzer for reporting the news that Destination America have internally pegged Impact for cancellation in the Fall:

I would extend those comments to the journalists who provide for theirs by reporting on what I do… Just because you have the “scoop” doesn’t make you a #GR8 reporter. Knowing when it IS and ISN’T responsible to share that scoop does.

While Aries has a point about people wishing the worst for TNA, reporters have absolutely no moral obligation to paint a happy picture when they have information to the contrary. His apparent shot at the Wrestling Observer should perhaps be directed at Destination America and TNA themselves. After all they are the root of the issue.

As Just Joe said, “don’t shoot the messenger.”