Britt Baker was concussed in AEW Fight for the Fallen match

Britt Baker suffered a concussion at last night’s AEW Fight for the Fallen event, which explains why she tagged the wrong partner and looked so out of it during the match.

The doctor teamed up with Riho in a losing effort to Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima. Early in the bout she went to the wrong corner and tagged Nakajima to ‘you fucked up’ chants from the fans. However, it can now be confirmed that this mistake was due to being out of it after a rough kick from the debuting Bea Priestley.

Britt then spent several minutes draped over the ropes on the outside trying to get her bearings.

AEW’s female referee Aubrey Edwards accompanied Baker to the hospital after the match and noted on Twitter that she lost one of her earrings in the process.

‏Britt responded on Twitter that the next pair of earrings are on her.

As far as concussions, it is not immediately clear what AEW’s protocol is. The match was not stopped but it’s unknown whether they realised how serious Britt’s condition was.

There was no mention of the incident at the post-event press conference which was captured by Chris Van Vliet.

At All Out on August 31, it’s supposed to be Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley in a singles match.

Britt Baker is a real-life doctor of dentistry and is perhaps best known in wrestling for her run in International Wrestling Cartel. She is currently dating NXT’s Adam Cole, who was on the Evolve WWE Network show last night.