WWE Responds To Vince N Word Skit, Hulk Thanks Supporters

Vince McMahon racist

In the wake of the Hulk Hogan racist comments leak, WWE have had to take a hard look at some of their own actions over the years. The infamous backstage skit from 2005 where Vince McMahon used the N word has been picked up by the mainstream media, but the company obviously pointed out that it was a fictional scenario and not comparable to Hogan’s real life situation. They described it as “an outlandish and satirical skit involving fictional characters, similar to that of many scripted television shows and movies.”

[If the media want to get serious about pointing out WWE’s racial hypocrisies there’s way more to go on than this silly skit. It’s just low hanging fruit, and WWE’s statement is perfectly acceptable.]

Meanwhile the company are trying to figure out what to do with Hulk Hogan’s role in WWE Studios “Celebrity Death Pool” which has already been filmed. It’s possible they’ll shoot new footage to replace Hogan.

Hulk himself has thanked his supporters on Twitter, which include the likes of former NWO running mate Virgil, Dennis Rodman, George Foreman, Mick Foley, among others.




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