Ref Injured, Paige Shoots On Ex-Employee, Nikki Update, Undertaker Workout Video

Triple H referee

Triple H Injures Referee

Triple H injured a referee during the backstage brawl segment with Roman Reigns on RAW. The injury occurred when Hunter threw one of the storage cases, which caused a gash in the ref’s ankle.

Triple H on the other hand most likely used fake blood on his head like Reigns did a few weeks back. That or he went old school and deliberately busted himself open without a blade.

Paige Shoots on Former Seamstress

Paige fired back at former WWE seamstress Sandra who suggested she wears too much makeup on Twitter:

Sandra has previously been seen on Total Divas.

Nikki Will Return To The Ring

Although it was touch and go for a while, it now seems clear that Nikki Bella will return to the ring once she’s rehabbed her neck. Brie told OK Magazine:

We actually just got good news from the doctor and [Nikki]’s able now to sleep without her neck brace at night. She’s healing really nicely. She still has a long journey ahead of her before she gets back into the ring but it’s looking good.

Undertaker Lifts 500lbs

Joe DeFranco has shared a video of The Undertaker lifting 500lbs in preparation for Wrestlemania. He also jumps 40 inches:




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