Ric Flair Airport Incident, Chyna’s Brain, Cena Jokes About Heel Turn

Ric Flair

Bad Week For Ric Flair

It’s a bad week for WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Firstly during the SmackDown taping he got a bit too excited and told Natalya to kill herself during a promo on the Ambrose Asylum. Anyone of lesser stature (Brad Maddox) would have been fired for saying such a thing in front of the live crowd. Obviously it will be edited out before the broadcast.

It also emerged today that Flair almost missed his flight at Logan International due to suspected drunkenness. Somebody reported a man (Flair) with a bloody hand, and it’s believed he fell over at some point which caused the injury. He was the escorted to sit down and get checked out, but ultimately was allowed to fly. The circumstances are not entirely clear.

Ric Flair drunk

Chyna’s Brain Donated To Science

Chyna’s brain has been donated to Dr. Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu to see whether she had any CTE and whether this might have contributed to her death or general mental condition. It’s no secret that she suffered anxiety and depression over the years. CTE is known to cause these symptoms.

Cena Had A ‘Heal Turn?’




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