Kurt Angle Wants Team Angle Revival With NXT Team, Nikki Will Wrestle Again? Why Shamrock Left WWE

Kurt Angle Jordan Gable

Kurt Angle Wants To Work With Jordan and Gable

There’s no denying the similarities between NXT team American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) and the former team of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Kurt Angle who used to lead the team as Team Angle, said he’d love to return to WWE part time and fill a similar role with Jordan and Gable, during a Q&A at the London Film And Comic Con this weekend.

Angle said he’d still want to wrestle, but if WWE were ever to give him a deal it’s doubtful they would let him due to his history of concussions and other issues.

Good News For Nikki Bella

WWE Diva Nikki Bella who recently went through potential career ending neck surgery, says she’s got “amazing news” after having a doctor’s check-up:

Amazing check up with Dr Uribe today! Such amazing news! Healing like Superwoman!! #stayfearless @tghcares #thankyou#UribeIsTheBest

A photo posted by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Why Ken Shamrock Left WWE

Attitude Era superstar Ken Shamrock told Sports Illustrated that he walked away from WWE because of the schedule:

It’s a good time for me to be able to explain my emotional state of mind. I felt like every time my kids had a dance or a wrestling match or a football game, it seemed like I was missing all of that. I was missing everything. I was gone so much that I was missing their birthdays. I just got to a point where my heart was sinking and I felt like I was a stranger in my own house. I needed to really make some changes to fix my family, so that down the road I would have a family. So I stepped away from wrestling and fixed my family. I needed to get things back in order and be there for my kids, so I made the conscious decision to do that. A lot of people were upset that I stepped away, but I had to do it for my family. If I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be where I am with my family today.




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