Baron Corbin vs TSA, Kevin Nash In Detroiters, CM Punk’s UFC Paycheck

TSA Break Corbin’s Glasses

Baron Corbin wasn’t happy with the TSA when flying in for RAW. He Tweeted that they broke his sunglasses:

Watch Nash In Comedy Central Show

Kevin Nash plays “Big Hank” Cramblin in Tuesday evening’s “The Detroiters” on Comedy Central. Cramblin is a Detroit advertising vet who was just released from the Wayne County Insane Asylum.

How Much CM Punk Made For First Fight

According to his wife AJ Lee, CM Punk made 7 figures for his first UFC fight against Mickey Gall.

The former WWE ‘Diva’ explained to Jim & Sam that he got money from UFC’s Reebok sponsorship and a percentage of the PPV revenue, to take him over $1 million. The actual purse was $500,000.




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