Another WWE Hall of Famer Accused of Racism

Ric Flair racist

In a recent interview with Pancakes and Powerslams, former WWE Superstar JTG accused a Hall of Famer of being racist while drunk. The comments were an extension of what he wrote in his book Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?.

“Hey you. Mr. Cryme Tyme. I want to talk you. You and your partner are a mockery to my business. I helped build this business with my own two hands. If it was up to me, you all wouldn’t be here. We should have never accepted your kind in the business to begin with. I can’t wait to get every last one of you out. You’re a mockery! You hear me? A d**m mockery!”

“That quote was said by someone who was definitely under the influence. He was with his wife, was definitely under the influence, by the bar,” JTG told the podcast.

“Me being 21 or 22 [at the time], hearing him say that, and I so much respect for him in this business, this guy is a Hall of Famer, a legend, he definitely was a pioneer in the wrestling industry and definitely took it to the next level. But, when he said it, because of my respect for him and not being too much enlightened and having the knowledge of racism, or even being in total denial. At the time, I was definitely in denial. When he said that statement that he made, I thought that he was talking about rookies. Guys who were coming from OVW. That’s how I took it as, and that’s how I wanted to take it as because I didn’t want to think that this guy was a racist, I had so much respect for him. It wasn’t until the second time where he pretty much showed his cards and, at the bar again with his wife. I was like, wow, yeah, this guy confirmed to me that he is a racist, and I could not be in denial anymore.”

Although he didn’t name names, JTG did reveal that the performer in question “is popularly known by a catchphrase.”

When JTG was “21 or 22” it would have been around 2006 or 2007, when Cryme Tyme were first on TV. The only legends to remotely fit the description who were in the company at that time are Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, Arn Anderson, and Jim Duggan. How many of them “took it to another level,” were known for a catchphrase, and were found drunk at the bar with their wife?

Without beating around the bush, he’s almost certainly talking about Flair. Whether he’s telling the truth we don’t know, but Teddy Long has previously accused Ric Flair of being racist.




  • Greg Giggie

    I think he was talking about PS Hayes, I’ve heard several stories from other black wrestlers that he thinks “they’re all the same.”

    • Keelan Balderson

      Hayes has done some questionable things before, but he’s not known for a catchphrase and it’s debateable whether he “changed the game” … seems to fit Flair more.

      • Greg Giggie

        True, I wasn’t really using JTG’s qualifiers more just going on overall potential to be racist.

  • fred

    my guess is ric flair bc hes always at the bar bc hes an alcoholic.

  • fred

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