Alex Riley Talks Injury, Ryback Buys Car, WWE Updates Medical Insurance Policy

Alex Riley

Alex Riley Forced In To Commentary

In a recent interview with Wrestling Compadres Slamcast Alex Riley discussed his recent injury and how he was forced to do commentary despite having a passion for wrestling:

When they had taken this from me and for whatever reason I was doing the commentary, and, again, certainly a good opportunity to do it, but do I think I should have been in the ring [instead]? 100%. Did it feel like a cage? Yes. In the regard that I was sitting there every single Monday night watching people out there that I felt that I was better than, but I couldn’t get in there. I’m sitting there every night talking about people, telling people how great they were or how great they are and how bad I was and that’s B.S.

When I come back, I promise you, I’m going for it. Now whether I become WWE [World Heavyweight] Champion or I’m in NXT for the next three years, regardless of where I am or where I’m placed, I’m swinging for the fence, so it’s going to make a loud noise and I’m sure you guys are going to hear it, but I have no more, I don’t want to say I have no more fear because I certainly fear things, but very little. Very little at this point.

Ryback Gets A Dodge

Ryback showed off his new Dodge Charger on Instagram:

The Big Guys Red Devil. #FeedMeMore

A photo posted by Ryan Reeves (@thebigguyryback22) on

WWE Enforcing Medical Insurance Policy is reporting that WWE are starting to carry out checks to ensure their talent have their own medical insurance. This has been a policy since 2011 however it’s possible some talent have slipped through the net and that’s why random checks are being done.

If it’s found that a wrestler doesn’t have insurance or it’s not adequate, they will not be allowed to wrestle.

Despite this WWE does cover all medical costs themselves.



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