4 More WWE Injuries! Noelle Foley Would Do Playboy, Bischoff Hates New Day

Charlotte injured

Charlotte, Sheamus and Others Injured

It wasn’t a good night for WWE who are already dealing with a number of high profile injuries. During the house show in Minneapolis Charlotte suffered what may be a broken nose when an errant knee from Becky Lynch hit full force. Fan reports say the match was ended and there was a lot of blood.

Meanwhile Sheamus who finished his match, was busted open when Kalisto hit a Moonsault.

This was less serious and he’ll be fine.

On the NXT front in Cleveland, Emma may have suffered a concussion thanks to a stiff kick from Asuka. Reports say she was knocked out for at least a few seconds. The match was ended right away:

Later Tomasso Ciampa injured his shoulder after taking a Shatter Machine from NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson. The match was finished by the other competitors.

Noelle Talks WWE and Playboy

TMZ caught up with Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle, who said it’s highly likely she’ll end up in WWE. She also said she’d be open to Playboy now they don’t do full on nudity.

Bischoff Loves Del Rio But Not New Day

Eric Bischoff answered a bunch of fan questions on Twitter this week and made some interesting comments. Contrary to fan tastes, Bischoff seems to really like Alberto Del Rio but doesn’t see the appeal of the New Day:

Bischoff also said the third hour of RAW is more trouble than it’s worth:




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